Sunday, 19 April 2009

My Latest Stitch Club Project

We're now working on a 'Pocket' - no I haven't a clue what that means either - but I'm sure it will look just like one when it's finished!!

I've really enjoyed this stitching project so far. I've discovered that I love working with perle floss and Satin Stitch. The fabric is blue 28 count evenweave (I think it's Jobelan, but I'm not sure) and we're using Chameleon perle and Chameleon cotton floss. Lovely to work with, although the yellow is a bit of a sickly colour :-( The pattern is once again from Thimble Cottage designs, so is actually designed by our stitch class teacher, Tanya.

Here's what I managed to do in class last time (I was stitching non-stop for three hours - how could it take three hours to finish just this much??)

I've now finished all I can before going back to class on Tuesday. Here's how it's looking:

And a close up to show off the little Rice Stitches and the Satin Stitch that I have been so much enjoying:

And finally the finished piece so far. There is a bit more I should have done - there should be a line of cable stitch underneath the backstitched daisy stems. But unfortunately I ran out of the perle floss so I just hope I'll be able to get more on Tuesday.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Stitch Club Update

I've done loads of work on my stitch club projects - although got nothing actually finished, though :-(

First is a Scissor Keeper. The design is by Tanya of Thimble Cottage Designs and it's worked on 28 count white linen using perle cotton and beautiful Gloriana silk. I love this floss - it's now my favourite silk. I would start collecting it, but at £4.40 a skein I don't think the collection would get very big!!!

So here are my updates on this project:

Front finished:

A close up of some of the design features. The little Rhodes hearts are cute, aren't they?

And here's where I've got to on this - front and back finished, but no instructions on how to complete the project :-(

I was a bit disappointed when I got to Stitch Club last week to find that we're just meant to finish it off ourselves - somehow. Anyway, I've found some fabric to line it with, so piccies soon on how it turns out.