Sunday, 10 January 2010

Roses Runner

Roses Runner is a beautiful little table runner kit I was given by my Mum for my birthday.  It's also my first real try at stitching Hardanger.  Here are some updates of it so far.  The first is simply satin stitch worked in no 5 perle with some cross stitched bordering:

Here's a close up, showing the stitches:

Here I've added some cross stitched roses - there are also two more now on the other side and upside down:

Next came the edging in buttonhole stitch.  This was easy to do, but I'm terrified I've done it wrong and the whole thing falls to pieces when I cut round the border :-(

And lastly, here's an up-to-date photo showing the satin stitch being worked for the hardanger cut area. 

For me, I've flown through this and really enjoyed stitching it. But now I'm terrified to go any further as the thought of cutting the wrong threads is not funny.  I think I'm going to leave this one for a bit now and complete some small Hardanger kits I have in my stash, just to get some practise in first :-)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Stitch Club Stitching Basket

This year in stitch club, we're starting a new project - a Stitching Basket. We'll have the basket (obviously!) and lots of stitchy bits and pieces to keep in it. Our first project is a fan shaped floss keeper. Here's what I managed yesterday:

And today we've had a snow day at school, so I've had a lovely morning finishing off the stitching:

Now I have to figure out how the finishing is done. I have lots of wadding and fabric and not much idea what to do next! I'll post the finished floss tag soon (honest Mum, I will!!!)